Candy Wrapper Pouch

I went to the US yesterday and got some M&M coffee flavor.  I totally love it.  The coffee flavor does not over power the chocolate and of course, I love the peanuts inside.  I then remember that I saw a tutorial a while ago, of how to sew a candy wrapper pouch.  It is the same way you would sew a regular pouch, with lining or not.

I use an iron on vinyl to make it more durable. I think I got it from Hobby Lobby store.  For some reason JoAnn store does not have it.  May be they have it in a larger JoAnn.

The only thing to watch is that there is no do over.  It is a plastic and everytime you sew, it will leave a sewing mark (holes).  I don’t use linings on mine so it is rathet easy to make.

I had this cute zipper that I got a while ago in different colors and they are just perfect for pouches.  It has a ring pull.  I did not use the M&M coffee wrapper but I use the Christmas wrapper on one side and the Halloween one on the other side.  It is so much fun to make a to look at and I would make some more for myself.


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