DIY Quilt Ladder

Since I have so many quilts, it is quite a challenge to store them.  I have an antique cedar chest, but it is just not big enough.  I would also like to see my quilts and use them.  The best way to display the quilts is probably the quilt ladder but they can be quite pricey as they are mostly custom made.  They can run up to $100 per ladder.  Some are using recycle woods.  

It is actually quite easy to make a quilt ladder.  The ladder just need to be strong enough to hold the quilts.  Of course it is not for our use so ne careful when you have children.

I did some drawings and went to home depot.  You can may any size you like, whatever fit with your room.  I take the easy way and buy a cut wood, which I believe is 48 inches in length.  Then I bought some smaller ones and asked one of the guys to cut it.  Since we don’t want to waste any woods, I divided the wood into 4 equal length.

I purchased a sample paint for less than $5 and it is enough to do two coats.  I have it tinted with Ethereal Mood from Behr.  You can also stain the wood to give it a rustic look but since we live in a condo and do not have a garage, I decided it would be less efforts to paint than to stain.  After the staining process, there is an extra step to seal the stain as we don’t want the stain to bleed onto our beautiful quilts.

I am very happy with the final product and was thinking of making another slimmer, smaller ladder to hold my scarfs during winter.  

So without a further ado, here it is: